What is Social Media Marketing and Management (SMMM)?

At Oak Street Social, our SMMM packages include the creation and promotion of content to via top social media networks.  Our programs can include, depending on our clients' needs, everything from setting up social media networks to building a network of users, crafting and executing content, facilitating the use of professional photography, creating and executing social media campaigns to increase engagement such as contests, sweepstakes and more.


How many social media sites should my brand utilize?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of social media sites on the 'Net but the effective use of three to five key sites is all that is needed to significantly enhance any brand. In reality, not every social network serves the needs of every business.  Oak Street Social helps strategically choose social networks based on each of our client's target audience and goals.


How much does it cost to execute an effective SMMM campaign?

Our programs typically cost less than one ad in a local paper, much less than a television or radio spot and thousands less than a billboard.


Can I cease all other marketing when I start an SMMM program with Oak Street Social? 

Many of our clients share that our SMMM marketing packages are the most effective source of marketing they do, but SMMM remains just one of the many ways that brands can market their businesses.


How quickly will I see results?

SMMM does have the ability to offer quick results but a long term commitment to effective SMMM is the best way to realize the enormous dividends of increased brand awareness and interaction via the top social media networks. .