Our Mission

Harnessing social media to help your brand activate + gain new clients, build brand evangelists and boost your bottom line.

The thing about Social Media that frustrates marketers to no end is that you can’t buy attention and that if you have no choice, but to think and act small, then you’ll try to say well here is a 100,000 person community, how can we buy it? What you’ll do instead if you’re just four people, how can we amaze them? That change in posture, that change in attitude is the single biggest shift, that’s going on the Internet right now.
— Seth Godin

Meet Johanna


Johanna Grange discovered her passion for digital media and branding after graduating from the University of Iowa with a Broadcast Journalism degree in 2000. 14 years of marketing experience in both the ad world and the digital space empowered her to nurture relationships in the spa + wellness sector as well as the restaurant and lifestyle brand markets. She approaches each partnership with a consultative approach empowering her clients to be a part of the process. Johanna believes that relationships are fundamentally built on honest feedback and real chemistry. It's the close-knit network of clients turned friends that encouraged her to turn her freelance projects into a full blown social media boutique firm alongside her partner.

Johanna resides in the NorthShore with her husband, two daughters and rescue puppy. When she's not working, which is never, she enjoys planning date nights at new restaurant concepts, indulging in California pinot noir and playing dress up with her daughters, writing blog content and entertaining at home. She may or may not know all the words to every Disney ballad ever created.

For a peek into the life of this hustling entrepreneur, media maven, working mama and blogger, follow Johanna's personal Instagram account @jogrange.

Meet Carolyn


After founding several successful dot coms and penning lifestyle columns for top publications for over 15 years, Carolyn Brundage developed a keen eye for content marketing.  Her flair for developing effective, appealing content paired with a love of social media, led her to develop, alongside her partner Johanna Grange, Oak St. Social.

Oak St. Social combines a deep and well-versed understanding of what appeals to consumers with an appreciation for how social media drives brand loyalty and consumer spending. With a focus on developing unique, creative and effective marketing strategies for both boutique brands and large corporations, Carolyn enjoys pairing her creative flair and marketing expertise with the instant gratification and long term gains that social media marketing provides.

Carolyn lives in Chicagoland with her four sons. An avid runner, shopper, entrepreneur and lover of life, Carolyn thrives on challenges. new experiences and living for the moment. 

For a peek into the life of this creative entrepreneur, author and working mama follow Carolyn's personal Instagram account @carolynjarrettjones.