Oak Street Social's Must-Have Facebook Tips:

1.      Choose the right type of profile.

·         Don’t create a personal profile for a business. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-create-facebook-business-page-ht

2.      Don’t overdo it.

·         Posting more than once a day can negatively influence your engagement.  https://yourdigitalresource.com/marketing-with-facebook-mistakes/

3.      Keep it quick.

·         Long posts are less engaging than brief ones.


4.      Use a question.

·         Questions may help encourage your audience to engage and participate in a conversation.


5.      Engage with others.

·         It may lead to a new relationship, the opportunity to share content, or a wider audience.


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Oak Street Social's Must-Have Twitter Tips:

1.      Have a focus.

·         Find a theme or a common through line that makes all your tweets uniquely yours.


2.      Live tweet.

·         If a particular event is important to your audience, live tweeting it will grab the attention of those who cannot attend or participate.


3.      Measure your success.

·         There are several ways to measure the success of your goals in using Twitter. Figure out what is important to you and how you want to measure, this list may help.


4.      Be consistent.

·         Consistent tweeting builds trust in your audience. A scheduler is useful for this!


5.      Share images and videos.

·         It takes up more space on people’s Twitter feeds, so they’ll be more likely to see your tweet.



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Oak Street Social's Must-Have Instagram Tips:

  1. Find out the best times for posting with Iconosquare.
    • Use and pay attention to your insights.
  2. Adjust the photo brightness before playing with filters.
    • It's the easiest way to improve the photo without drastically changing it. Some bloggers solely rely on the brightness and saturation tools for editing their Instagrams.
  3. If the lighting can't easily be fixed, try black and white.
    • Don't trash old photos. Just add some artistic flair. 
  4. Create a comment pod and increase your engagement overnight.
    • Every member of the pod is on a Group DM on Instagram. When someone posts a picture, they send it as DM to the group chat in instagram. This way everyone knows what’s going on.
  5. Follow @Instagram and participate in their #projects.
    • If Instagram takes notice of your account and adds you to their "suggested users list" get ready for thousands of new followers.
  6. Try Instagram Stories

    • Can be used to capture behind-the-scenes content that doesn’t have to be as high in quality as regular posts. IG stories will enhance your engagement on your static posts tremendously and help you stay on everyone's radar no matter what algorithms are in place and things change daily!

  7. Follow your tribe.

    • Search relative hashtags to your audience. Login daily and leave a minimum of 10 authentic comments for said hashtag.

  8. Swipe up on IG Stories!

    • Soft tease your new posts by posting a text overlay on a static image to your IG stories and let your readers know that you posted new content. Works like a charm!

Apps We Love:

  • Grum
  • Snapseed
  • Afterlight
  • Boomerang
  • HashMe or Hastagify
  • Facetune
  • InsTrack