Whether over a cozy cup of coffee or a bustling conference room table, we start our relationship with each and every Oak Street Social client via collaboration. We get to know your brand, its strengths, its areas for growth, its heart and its soul. We walk away with a strong sense of both your core clientele and your prospective customers so that we can craft a plan bound to wow her and keep her committed for life.

Develop Professional Imagery

Love it or leave it, image is everything and while we won't argue style over substance we will argue every time that developing a portfolio of breath-taking soul stirring photography is a must for your brand. But we'll do you one better- we'll create it for you. Each and every Oak Street Social package includes professional photography...and by no means does that imply that we whip out our iPhones and call ourselves professionals.

Create Quality Content

We start with research about your target audience and what value your brand's social media presence can bring to those users.  Armed with knowledge about the heart and soul of your brand, we create content and establish content calendars to get your SMMM working largely through organic placement paired with a peppering of paid promotion. 

Measure Success

We watch, measure and report back to our clients on the success of our programs by evaluating engagement, click-thrus, organic reach, conversions and beyond.