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Here are 6 key video types for 2019. While there are many other types, these are our top picks for amping up your social media marketing efforts this year.

Demo Videos: These videos show how your product works.

Event Videos: Produce a highlight reel or release interesting interviews and presentations from events.

How-To Videos

Explainer Videos. This is different than a Demo video. Explainer videos are used to help your audience better understand why they need your product or service. Many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of the company’s core buyer persona who is struggling with a problem.

Testimonial Videos

Live Videos

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Who are you and what does your brand represent? If you can answer these questions, then you can create IG stories that are dynamic and consistent with your brand style guidelines.

Your followers will know what to expect when they tune into your stories and will want to keep watching every time you post something new to Instagram Stories.

When it comes to designing Instagram Stories, you’ll want to incorporate your branded color palette, logo, templates or other aesthetic elements that represent you and your brand.

The Steps:

  1. Download the Over app.

  2. Explore predesigned layouts and templates.

  3. Use a consistent Instagram Stories template for your posts.

  4. Integrate your brand images into the predesigned templates.

  5. Add animation.

  6. Find your brand color palette and save it!

  7. Add interesting design elements. <i.e. glitter, blurring, etc>

  8. Add story highlights to your profile.

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Stories are the great equalizer: Why small budgets + brands have an edge with Instagram Stories… and how to leverage this benefit!

“Brands with larger followings on Instagram are still creating too much polished content, which doesn’t succeed at retaining the audience’s attention with Stories. They work with agencies with scripts and shot in a studio and professionally edited. Sometimes having more resources, both financial and manpower, kills the creativity.” Socialinsider co-founder,  Adina Jipa. Source.

FACT: As of March 2019, 400 million people were using Instagram Stories every day.

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Every month, 130 million fingers tap on an Instagram shopping post to learn more about products.

Think of IG Stories as the new and improved version of storytelling. With a clear beginning, middle and end to your stories posts, your viewers will be more likely to stay engaged till the very end.

Use your Instagram analytics to learn more about what types of content performs best and then use that insight to tailor what you post.

Here is a foolproof formula you can follow for creating an Instagram story that sells:

The Steps:

  1. Introduce your product.

  2. Break down the benefits.

  3. Show UGC of a customer/influencer using the product.

  4. Add in a customer review about the product.

  5. Add a CTA to swipe up to shop.

  6. Save the story to your highlights on your profile.

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Meet the new CHAT feature in Instagram Stories, and other must-have Insta Story features. A recently launched chat feature in Instagram Stories gives brands the chance to create a VIP, behind the scenes experience for people interacting with that brand’s stories. 

The Steps:

  1. Add a “Chat” sticker in your Insta Story.

  2. People will request to join your chat.

  3. Add ALL the people in your Chat or only select some people to join your Chat.

  4. Start chatting together in the DMs.

Image via HypeBae.

Image via HypeBae.

Other favorite story features include:

  • Quizzes, an endlessly interactive way to drive engagement.

    • Tip: Quizzes serve up instant gratification. If the follower selects the “correct” answer they’ll get an immediate green response on their answer and fun ticker-tape animation to celebrate. If it’s incorrect, they will see their response marked in red and the correct answer highlighted. As soon as somebody “votes” on your Quiz using Quiz Stickers they get instant feedback about their response.

  • Product education, think @ollynutrition

    • Tip: Use multi-frame stories to educate consumers. Don’t shy away from providing detailed, educational snippets. People DO read! 

  • More product education and kick a*s use of hold down and screenshots to drive up engagement, a la @DrunkElephant.

Image via Later.

Image via Later.

  • Shoppable stickers for brands with less than 10k followers (or more).

    • Tips on how to use Instagram Stories Shopping Stickers

      Similar to shoppable posts on Instagram, there are a few eligibility requirements you’ll need to check off before you can access shopping stickers for Instagram Stories:

      • You must be located in one of the 46 countries that the feature is currently available in.

      • You need an Instagram Business account.

      • You must be on the latest version of the Instagram app.

      • Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.

      Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, directly on your business’s Page on Facebook, or through Shopify or BigCommerce.

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User-generated content is the word-of-mouth equivalent on social media, meaning that every post or story about your brand that is created by your customers is UGC gold.

So why is UGC so valuable? 75% of consumers rely on social media to help them make buying decisions, so sharing real reviews and real content from your own customers can help you make sales and increase loyalty.

The Steps:

  1. Just tap the paper airplane button below the post, it’s the same button that you would use if you wanted to send a direct message to that profile.

  2. You’ll then see an option to “Add post to your Story” — tap this to see the feed post become a sticker with a customizable background in your Instagram Stories editor.

  3. You can tap to drag to a new position or pinch the screen to resize. Plus, you can then add stickers, GIFs, text, hashtags, and mentions to your Instagram Stories post.

  4. When you’re happy with your Instagram Stories post design, just tap “Your story” or your profile icon in the bottom left corner to share with your followers.

  5. If you want to repost a user’s Instagram story to your story, you need to be tagged or mentioned in that user’s post.

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Up your Instagram Stories game with these easy hacks and creative ideas. Little known story hacks:

  • Add more than one image without using a third-party app. Thought you could only post one image at a time? So did we, until we learned this trick. First, export and copy images directly in your camera roll app. Then return to Instagram and double tap on your story to paste them. You can use two fingers to adjust the placement and size, too. More hacks here: Source.

  • There’s an app for that… of course! Recent faves include StoryLuxe, A Design Kit, MADE and Story Art.

  • Add a circle around your profile pic to make it “pop” with an app like Canva.

  • Respond to DMs with voice memo for an ultra-personal experience.

  • Become a creator and benefit from improved analytics for creators. There’s even an “entrepreneur” creator category.

  • Use “tap here” to amplify exposure on static posts.

  • Use donation stickers to DO GOOD with Instagram!

  • Lyrics are now available to make musical stories even more compelling.

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