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How do you regularly sell out of big fat cookies in a health-conscious world? Delicious cookies, tons of Instagram videos & stories, and, of course, genius use of supply and demand.

Combine all three and you’ve got a Fat & Weird Cookie company that’s mastering an effective & profitable social media presence.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Stories and lots of them! F&W re-shares many of the stories they are tagged in, often posting dozens of stories a day. It’s an easy and effective social media strategy; just share all your brand mentions to stories in one click.

  • Video and lots of it! F&W’s feed is chock full of videos, most shot on an iPhone — aka not professional grade videography — with no audio.

  • Copy that counts! Death to the pithy, one sentence caption. F&W writes rather lengthy, detailed descriptions. What do we say? We say this proved our theory that if consumers are considering purchasing your product they will often read your caption. Make it count!

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There’s something so calming and airy about a well branded, cohesive grid. Many brands have adopted the 60/40 rule meaning 60 percent of their content is product/service focused while the remaining 40 percent is lifestyle focused.

That’s smart marketing. Tapping into your audience affinity interests creates an inspirational and aspirational feel versus a hard sell. Hard sell content can very quickly become stale and repetitive. Let’s see how the pros do it!

Here are the takeaways:

  • A defined color palette cohesively displayed throughout the feed creates visual appeal. Plain and simple. @summerfridays has cornered the market on this trend but note…it takes work and a plan but not necessarily more professional photography. In fact, developing your brand guidelines may be a hefty time commitment but a worthy investment as it will tie in all marketing endeavors. Summer Fridays nails their feed alternating between taupes, soft peaches and ocean blues and the palettes alternate every four weeks or so. @gotoskincare also illustrates this while tempering a strong mix of UGC and professional photography while also tying in stock photography centered around nature, citrus, manicures or fashion. It’s a cost effective way to ensure your brand foundation is carried throughout the grid.

  • Another smart tip is to implement customized quotes. Look to Pinterest for inspiration or imagery and simply save to your computer or phone. With apps like Fonts, you can find your brand font and overlay an image or a solid background with your custom quotes. Boom, on brand and a great example of your brand personality. @yayfortoday_ does a great job of breaking up her happy feed with inspiring quotes in rainbow hues.

  • Favorite story apps: Over and Fonts for Instagram

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When your brand loyalists take on the heavy-lifting of content creation, you know you are doing something right.

Square Organics posts largely User Generated Content (UGC) with a generous spattering of contests.

So, how do they do it? Here are the takeaways:

  • They invite brand loyalists to become BABs -- that stands for badass bitches. There’s even a section of their highlights that explains what a BAB is, how to become one, and of course, which hashtag to use to join the #BABsNation… because one easy to embrace, cool hashtag that consumers can get behind is essential to building a library of BA -- that’s badass -- UGC.

  • They work at it. An in-house community manager recruits and manages affiliate and influencer partners for the brand.  Plus, there’s a Facebook group for BABs and other fun offerings like a monthly BABs horoscope and an entire highlight reel dedicated to BABs posters where real people weigh in, virtually, on what it means to be a BAB.

  • Contests: Regular contests grow and reward Square Organics’ #BABsNation. Contests typically call upon tagging other accounts, liking a photo and following, of course. Prizes aren’t large which shows that you don’t need to give away a lot for contests to be an effective way to grow followers, revenue, community and engagement.

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It’s estimated that in 2019, Instagram will bring in $6.84 billion in ad revenue. So, how do you eternalize all the hard work you’ve put into your stories? That’s easy! Highlight covers are the solution but the ante has been upped. Brands are now creating custom, colorful covers that are an extension of their brand foundation and you can do it, too! Remember, when a consumer goes to your profile, it now behaves like your website. Does your IG feed speak to everything your brand stands for?

Well, now it can and you can increase the longevity of your best content while increasing future sales by simply saving your IG stories.

Here are the takeaways:

  • Styled highlight covers don’t require a big budget but they do require creativity. Are you sophisticated, whimsical, subtle or loud? Start by picking your highlight color spectrum and make sure the colors stand out. Next, grab one of the apps below and for a mere $1.99 per design you can choose from a vast library of illustrations or imagery that will become the stamps for your featured content. It’s truly that easy.

  • Another cool trend is the use of ombre color highlights. @graceinthecrumbs creates a sense of serenity with her no nonsense, soft color palettes while @pinkhouseorganics favors a more citrus palette. Both are identifiable and part of each brand’s core color family. Of course, having an in-house graphic designer is lovely, too but don’t fret… all you have to do is know your brand identity and download the apps!

  • Photography is smart, too! @everlyrings created smart highlight reels illustrating their 2, 3 and 4-stack ring sets while @gotoskincare created custom cartoon illustrations to tie in their peachy personality.

  • Favorite story apps: Canva, A Design Kit and Logo Maker

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We dare you to check out Color Me Courtney without suddenly feeling happy! This influencer specializes in vibrant photography and stop motion videos & pics. With a bio like, “celebrating curves, curls, and confidence,” what’s not to love?

Stop and learn what Courtney’s doing right! The takeaways:

  • Stop motion is fun, trendy and easy. With a variety of apps that make creating stop motion doable even for novices, it’s an easy element of interest to incorporate into your social media tool kit. Start here: Life lapse, a free app that makes stop motion video and photography achievable.

  • Have a signature look. Courtney’s photos are consistently vibrant and bold. She embraces living colorfully and has a loyal community that uses the hashtag #colormeclique.

  • Sponsored posts done right! This account does many sponsored posts but note that they are all on brand-- the brands fit into her aesthetic and not vice Versa which makes even paid posts feel authentic and relatable.

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What draws you into a brand? How much time do you spend a day on social media? Like most people, it’s A LOT. Social media is the first stop for purchasing decisions, too.

  • 80 percent of the time users spend on social media accounts is spent on mobile devices. 

  • 59 percent of consumers go to social media to help them make a purchase.

  • 78 percent of consumers feel that companies who focus on creating custom, personalized content over generalized, broad content are more credible.

With the above said, how dynamic is your brand’s video content? Posting frequency, branded templates and more become signature hallmarks and what’s even more…scrolling has become time consuming. Consumers are looking for the latest news by way of stories and video content. Are you keeping them engaged?

Here are the takeaways:

  • Storytelling is all about starting a conversation with your audience AND allowing them to weigh in. Consumers are inundated with content and often view most of it is on mobile void of sound. What does this mean? It means your brand has to bring something to the table by way of video. It also means creativity and strong branding are front and center. @glossier does everything on brand from their packaging to their story color palettes to their minimalist copy and imagery. This one is a crowd favorite!

  • Poll your audience! This is the easiest way to make them feel heard not to mention it’s fun and easy. You don’t need fresh and original content daily as illustrated by the ubër cool @fanclubclothing. This brand’s story game is strong. Daily polls are their forté and they use a strong mix of rock band photography found online. Brilliant and easy.

  • Story stickers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em…they add life and dimension to your stories. Expressing joy, sorrow, frustration and relief are easy and it helps your stories trend which is a goal we all want to achieve. Even better yet, have an important activation or launch? Create your own branded stickers by following this link. Be sure to add your location stickers, too!

  • Favorite story apps: Unfold, Hyperlapse, Snow, Over and Quik

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